Finally, real answers, real hope, proven results for turning your little firm around!  (We pay cash training incentives too!)

These are your First Stop Labs. 

[Money Smart® For Small Business (plus our how to fix your firm) labs.]

Courses are taught in multiple languages.  Courses are intended for people with no finance training who have never used a computer in a business before. Courses are for people who are thinking about starting a firm as well as for existing firms who are almost out of cash.  No income eligibility limits apply.

Course level:  total beginner.

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Many thanks to these preferred vendors: They allow your teacher, to use their amazing products to train you in how to get better and faster results.  Learn how to work smarter, not harder.

corporate logos of preferred vendors: Intuit QuickBooks; Citrix; Freedom Voice; Content; Arvixe, Survey Monkey; CPanel; The University of Nottingham; Zen Cart; Microsoft; Money Smart by FDIC and SBA; and PDF Complete

You'll spend about 5% of your time in our e-learning labs, and the rest of your time inside our community sandbox to heal and grow your firm by practicing buyer / seller / landlord / tenant / employer / employee role plays with the other coalition members. Mentored by successful firms. Watched over by workforce development partner agencies!

You can earn real cash and even find new clients for your firm here!  

We all want to see you succeed in business! 

We all want you and your family to be able to pay your bills!



If you are a non-profit agency or concerned business owner, please partner with us to help your economically struggling clients and new Americans to rebuild their shattered lives!  

We are a cash grant match resource and a training incentives funding partner.  We are a trade association & a non-profit coalition made up of like minded business owners.  We are an intermediary agency: our clients are mostly other non-profit agencies and local municipal governments' code enforcement officials located across New York State.  We provide a common training area for all of our customers' own clientele. We match up people who are struggling hard to pay their bills or who are in trouble with some governmental official, (like the health inspector or code enforcement official); with mentor and newbie firms who have the products and services you'll need to fix your firm.  We can also match you with up peer tutors to privately teach you the management skills you might need to learn.  We provide a neutral vendor sourcing service.  Learn about bookkeeping.  Learn what is expected of employers in the USA and how to afford to comply.  Find your own hope and path to profits.

Our program services are geared towards helping our communities find sensible ways to help people find jobs and encourage firms to start up or heal, and then grow. Plus, we provide a court mediation service and a contractor's employer responsibilities awareness certification course, to support local governmental officials across New York State, who are trying to get their community's businesses and buildings safe.


The Contractor Training Coalition, Inc. is a Money Smart® financial literacy Alliance provider and training partner.  The Money Smart® courses developed jointly by the FDIC and USA Small Business Administration, are currently taught to your clients via live instructor webinars.  But we plan to take this training curriculum up to a whole new level!  Rolaine (your instructor and owner of the coalitions managing member firm Heal Thy Biz Online) is working as hard as she can to convert them over to make available to you in interactive e-learning, self-study webinar format. Incubator tenants will have the opportunity to help with this project and get paid a cash incentive for their time spent in completing the instructor guided, hands on skills building labs / non-graded homework assignments.  They are taught in multiple languages and enhanced with real business opportunities to have a legitimate, home based business that actually allows your client to make money. These learning labs include assistive learning technology help features for those who struggle with language barriers or academic weaknesses. 

Most people are not aware of this, but there are things you can do with your marketing and accounting paperwork, as well as in your business office that will increase your customers' willingness to buy, and can drastically improve your firm's bottom line.  So your clients are concurrently walked through a new hire training regimen where they will actually role play being an office manager in a busy, medium sized firm, by including practical learning labs developed by Rolaine. All training activities done in our Smart Growth Community Wide Sandbox, (a remote telecommute business incubator, and our neutral, zero-sales pressure, vendor sourcing "introductions") are carefully designed to help your agency sensibly and affordably intervene to heal an economically distressed firm and/or familiarize new Americans with the cultural norms of the American marketplace.  They will inform clients about an employer's legal responsibilities, while fortifying them with consumer self defense skills so they don't get caught in and hurt by so many fraud scams.

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