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Many thanks to these preferred vendors: They allow us to enhance your firm's chances of success by training you in how to get more out of their amazing technology products.  Learn how to work smarter, not harder!  Our group forums are also a neutral, vendor sourcing service to help you find business alliance partners and potential new customers.

corporate logos of preferred vendors: Intuit QuickBooks; Citrix; Freedom Voice; Content; Arvixe, Survey Monkey; CPanel; The University of Nottingham; Zen Cart; Microsoft; Money Smart by FDIC and SBA; and PDF Complete

Course level:  total beginner. No management nor computer experience needed!  

You'll spend about 15% of your time in our learn at your own pace from home, e-learning labs, and the rest of your "immersive, flexible classroom" time inside our community sandbox (forums) adding professional contacts, practicing your job skills and doing buyer / seller / landlord / tenant / employer / employee role plays with the other coalition members. Mentored by successful firms. Watched over by partnering workforce development agencies!

You can earn real cash and meet with industry professionals at a special, introductory rate for their initial consult with you!  

Get the skills and mentoring support you need to succeed in business! 

We all want to see you, your family and your employees able to pay the bills on time!

    Available courses

    Two of the biggest hassles for a building trades or equipment service contractor are effectively managing your job costs and timely / accurately handling your payroll or sales taxes.  This course is a walk the walk and talk the talk of a business owner practice session.  It shows you the modified Lean Six Sigma data entry approach in QuickBooks® that seems to work out the best for the instructor's economically struggling clients.  [Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor® engagement or tax advocate] clients.  This is a hands-on, role-playing, job simulation of workplace skills, profit building lab. 


    This course is a test drive business ownership course.  You will role play being a highly trained office manager and experience what this person does to help keep a contractor firm running smoothly and profitably. In other words, you are going to actually complete all the tasks and practice making the accompanying business management decisions that this person or the owner would.  We start with square zero, you sitting there looking at a blank computer screen.  (Windows System) But more importantly, we think most people taking this course probably won't be able to afford a full-time bookkeeper or accountant yet,. So, you'll also evaluate the commercially available, time saving workarounds that the preferred vendors' technology makes possible for the relief of over-busy owners or the inexperienced friend / relative who is trying to help them out with their record keeping as a favor to them.  You may not be aware that It's now possible to use the Internet and your cell phone or computer(s) to do stuff you never ever could before, even if you had enough resources to hire a whole room full of accountants, programmers and financial analysts all working full time for you. You actually don't even need to own a computer at all to succeed here and in your firm's record keeping activities.

    Technology You'll Explore in this learning lab:

    Intuit QuickBooks logo, Citrix Podio logo, Citrix Cloud logo, Zapier logo, TSheets logo, Freedom Voice Cloud Phone logo, Microsoft Word, Excel and One Note logos

    Job Skills Taught:

    Experience working within a portable administrative cloud computer, one that is amazing, friendly, powerful, secure, resistant to hackers, yet affordable and it easily travels around with you. You can work on / update your recordkeeping from anywhere and any device with a WiFi internet connection.  

    * How to shave lots of time out of and reduce errors in your bookkeeping data entry

    * How to calculate your true cost of labor and cost of ownership to improve your bidding

    * How to identify places where your firm might be needlessly bleeding out cash dollars.

    * Payroll burden and sales tax laws compliance for firms based in New York state.

    * Things you can do within your paperwork to improve a customer's willingness to pay.

     * Simple things you can do to keep your data private and secure, plus avoid getting scammed or your identity stolen while you are working online.