The social entrepreneurs in a non-profit trade association, Contractor Training Coalition, Inc., based in Erie County New York (close to Buffalo)  would  love to partner with you to help you build your capacity, improve your quality of service, and shrink your operating dollar needs at the same time!  Yes it can be done! The answer is synergy!  Synergy is real, and when done right, it actually works.  This course teaches you the desktop publishing skills needed to promote your firm and / or your social mission cause inside our community forums.  In this course, you will also "Job Shadow" an office manager to see how our executive director uses her computer plus what she thinks about to help her QuickBooks clients thrive on a shoe-string budget and keep our coalition's as well as her own firms' operating costs low. Learn and practice how to quietly help small businesses to succeed while you Explore our preferred vendors' popular technology, hands on and at your own pace.

But this course is different than other training courses because the primary focus is not about just tightening your own belt internally.  Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Rolaine Stoddard, your instructor, is donating this course because she believes that too many charities are falling upon hard times economically. Charities operating in the New York State region seem to be especially hard hit, since they are collateral damage to the fraud victims and money gobbling pitfalls taking place over in the restaurant industry, in the equipment services contractor industry, and in the construction industry in that state.  The Contractor Training Coalition, Inc. believes that many different sizes and types of charities can come together to create and mentor a joint-agencies, collaborative demonstration intervention project intended to stabilize and improve the overall amount of monies in the community that are available to charities. 

Community Empowerment Research Insights, and Lessons Learned:

Understand what is forcing so many New Yorkers onto public assistance through no fault of their own and how charities across the USA with different sizes, program services, and social causes, can collaborate with each other to solve the 2 FIXABLE supply chain glitches that are currently keeping growing numbers of New Yorkers trapped in poverty while also shrinking the amount of dollars available to charities in that state and elsewhere!

LEARN HOW TO: Find grant match donors (cash & in-kind). - Find and utilize arm-chair volunteers. - Benefit from our shared workforce pool of self-employed freelancers. And indirectly help free New Yorkers who are currently trapped inside one of the worrisome supply chain glitches in the process.  This course shows you how to get involved in the collaborative effort without jeopardizing your social mission and your agency's operating charter.


None.  Course is intended for those who have never used a computer in a business setting before.  The scenario starts out with you sitting in front of a blank computer screen with no software tools loaded onto your computer beforehand, except Microsoft's Windows 10.  No prior experience and no financial training back-ground is needed.  However, if you already do know how to do the tasks, short cuts are built right in to the technology exploration labs that will allow you to skip or skim over what you already do know.


This course includes a complimentary, 1-year membership to the non-profit Contractor Training Coalition for those firms or individuals who are located/headquartered within the USA.